Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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COLUMN: Keep religion, medicine apart Laura Alix University Wire 04-28-2005 (The Daily Campus) (U-WIRE) STORRS, Conn. -- A rape victim in Denton, Texas, walked into her local Eckerd's pharmacy in March 2004 to have a prescription for the emergency contraceptive filled. Emergency contraceptive (EC) is also known as the morning-after

Publication: University Wire

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ROBOTS THE NEXT GENERATION; Whether it's automation, transportation or advancedcomputerization, machines are hard at work in America's healthcare organizations.(information edge) Byline: Joseph Mantone Just about every job description includes tasks involving repetition, monotony or drudgery. At healthcare organizations, such work often distracts employees from their main responsibilities and can detract from patient care. One solution: Let robots do more of the chores.

Publication: Modern Healthcare


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