Friday, October 14, 2005

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A CALL TO ARMS; SUPERMARKETS STARTED TO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE IN THE PAST YEAR, USING NONFOOD MORE EFFECTIVELY TO COMPETE WITH OTHER CHANNELS.(general merchandising) Byline: Liza Casabona, Dan Alaimo In 2004, supermarkets began to focus on using nonfood categories in the battle against other classes of trade. Among the strategies employed were improving the design and merchandising of sections like housewares and health and beauty care; taking greater advantage

Publication: Supermarket News


The convergence of science and technology in Mississippi: I. advancing the frontiers of biomedicine (1). Science and technology have always been closely interrelated, and major advances in one area are intricately related to innovations in the other. Over the past two decades, scientific and technological breakthroughs have dramatically revolutionized the broad field of biomedicine, and continued

Publication: Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences


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