Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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Illegal online sales of prescription drugs pose threat, FDA official says. Byline: G. Wayne Miller Dec. 7--Perhaps you are embarrassed to ask your doctor for the drug you want -- Viagra, for example. Maybe your doctor won't prescribe your medication -- Vicodin, say, a narcotic painkiller that is prone to abuse. Or you're too busy to schedule an office appointment to get a

Publication: Providence Journal (Providence, Rhode Island) (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News)

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GENERAL ASSEMBLY BRIEFS.(Local) ADOPTION Panel rejects bill that targets gays A Senate committee rejected a bill Wednesday intended to create roadblocks for gay and unmarried couples wanting to adopt children. The measure, HB2921, would have required adoption agencies to investigate the sexual orientation and living arrangements

Publication: The Virginian Pilot


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