Saturday, October 15, 2005

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A (better) life journal: in which the author of How a Man Ages attempts to stop the process. Including: a Series of Tips He Learned Along the Way.(Performance 2005)(Column) Prologue: Our So-Called Life Got a little problem here. Had a little birthday, turned a little older. Yet the feds say a baby born (with testicles) in America today is expected to live, on average, seventy-five years. So what's a guy to do to hit eighty? Or flippin' ninety? Feeling Arizona (Part I)

Publication: Esquire

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Express Scripts, Inc. at Raymond James Annual Institutional Investors Conference - Final Fair Disclosure Wire 03-08-2005 MODERATOR: Let's go ahead and get started. I'm very pleased to have with us today David Myers from Express Scripts to update us on the growth opportunities in front of the Company.DAVID MYERS, IR CONTACT, EXPRESS SCRIPTS: Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the opportunity

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